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Settle a debate for me...(routes and options)

My friend and I will be in Utrecht, Netherlands and already have an apartment lined up in Amsterdam. However, we have decided that we want/need an overnight in Antwerp for one night. I am leaning toward pit-stopping in Amsterdam--after leaving Utrecht-- to get rid of our big luggage, and then go to Antwerp with just an overnight/day pack.

Is this excessively time-wasting? My reasoning is that I'd rather not make a quick turn-around 24 hours with our luggage, and also be free to come back to Amsterdam later in the evening without having to navigate a check in with luggage (or worry about check out times in Antwerp and dealing with Left Luggage)....

However, I do see the back-tracking hassle this could be.
So, Merry Travelers: settle a debate for me (between travel partner and me --although he says, "whatever works for me...." Side Trip to Amsterdam to Ditch the bags? or travel with the bags and save the time?

:) thanks,

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I would pack as light as possible to start with, so the luggage doesn't determine your travel plans or even make you worry about them. During a 1-night stay, I'm not likely to unpack much from my bag, but just the act of packing a separate overnight bag is theoretically extra work and worry.

You can get from Utrecht to Antwerp in 2 hours with just one connection at Rotterdam, without needing the expensive/reserved Thalys train. Stopping in Amsterdam adds an hour to that travel time, plus any time spent on the storage project. The bag storage office at Amsterdam Centraal station can have significant lines. Antwerp station also has lockers (which require exact change), if you want an interim option. But storage costs something, if you're not leaving the bag at your friendly hotel.

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Thank you. I need to find that one-stop in Rotterdam (without reservations) route. I think you're right--I am looking forward to Antwerp, and I would rather have more time there, than re-routing just to relieve myself of a piece of luggage. :)