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September 2016 - What to wear?.

Planning on traveling very light. Will jeans, khaki's, a couple t-shirts, skirt, tall boots and Nike's be enough for 3 weeks? I will be using public transportation, don't want to have too much to take on a train. My husband assumes it's going to be in the 70's and he can wear shorts the entire trip. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Temperatures in September can be unpredictable depending on when autumn properly begins. I would certainly not count on being able to wear T-shirts with no coat, or shorts. I would strongly recommend checking weather forecasts the day before you leave and packing in the light of them.

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what are the tall boots for? Going out in the evenings? But you won't be doing that if your husband is in shorts.

I wear shorts a lot myself in the summer, and during the day when I am sightseeing in summer, but I wouldn't count on only shorts for the whole of September.

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I was in Belgium/Netherlands this past September, and I highly recommend taking a light jacket/hoodie with you. The weather is much like the United Kingdom and it rained frequently. The most beautiful days I had were in the upper 60s and super pleasant-but I did start out with a zippered hoodie in the morning, which I tied around my waist after lunch. There were also a few days it never made it to 60 and it rained the entire day.

Count on lots of rain, and be pleasantly surprised on days there are none.

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I'll echo Philip's advice to check the weather before you leave. I'll start checking the weather at my destination every day about two weeks before I leave. You can look at average temperatures, rainfall, etc. but that won't tell you anything about what the weather will be like once you get to September. I was in northern Germany in July 2010 during a heat wave when it was in the upper 90s every day. The average is in the 70s. A month ago my friend in Hamburg reported daytime temperatures in the upper 60s.