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Renting Bikes to ride From Bruge to Amsterdam

Greetings all: my friends and I are planning a bike and barge trip from Bruge to Amsterdam next spring. The bikes offered by the tour company's do not look like they will be comfortable for us to ride. We are hoping to find a company where you can rent in Bruge and drop off in Amsterdam. Is anyone familiar with such a company?

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Hi Matt, if I were in your place, I would do a google search for bike shops in Bruges, or for the type of bike you want (something like "renting touring/race bicycles in Bruges"). Are you a bike person? I mean, would you be able to determine if the bike shop has what you want based on what it says it carries? I would look at websites and if necessary, call a few to see what they offer. One of these searches would probably lead to a result. Alternately, if you own bikes, you may find that renting is more expensive than shipping on the plane with you. Have you looked into the price of this for comparison? Maybe a good number to have in mind when researching rental prices. Sorry I dont have a specific place to contact. That will be a great ride

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Most bikes you can rent in Bruges are good for local use for a few hours or a day but likely not suitable for long distance rides. I know that Popelier rent bikes, but it looks their website isn’t working well. You can contact one of the next rental companies and hopefully they can help you further. and

Or contact those on the website of the TI:

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Hi Matt,

Yes. I am doing a bike ride from Bruges to Amsterdam in September 2019. We are using Eurobike. I have used this company to bike in Germany along the Mosel. They provide the bikes and a place to stay each night. They also take your luggage to the next hotel each day. We are signed up for an 8 day bike ride without a tour guide. I loved the bike ride in Germany and thought the hotels were great each night. Euro Bike is a great company and is very reasonable. They do these trips throughout Europe. I am a road
biker. but felt the bikes that were provided were just fine. P.S. My husband will be renting an electric bike.

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Thanks everyone for your information and suggestions. As always it is uplifting to see folks support each other on this forum. Happy Trails!