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Recommendations on Luxembourg

I will be traveling to Luxembourg from Brussels. Please provide recommendations on things to do in Luxembourg. Is a day trip enough or I should spare 2 days. TIA

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Spend some time walking around Luxembourg City. It is interesting to just explore. The American Cemetary was quite moving and I was glad I went.

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We did it as a day trip from Brussels last year. It's a little over 3 hours by train each way and there are 1-2 trains per hour. We purchased our tickets the day before in person and they were good on any train going to Luxembourg City. At the time there was some kind of a special holiday fare, so ticket prices were very reasonable. I'm not sure if the holiday fare is available all of the time, but I got the impression that it is. We spent the morning at the American Military Cemetery and the afternoon walking around Luxembourg City. We grabbed food and ate on the train back to Brussels. It made for a long day, but I thought it was worthwhile and interesting. The American Military Cemetery was very touching and and the old city was fun to wander through. To maximize your time, I would suggest taking a taxi to the cemetery. The nearest bus stop is about a mile away. Otherwise, the bus was cheap and easy to use to get from the train station up the hill to the old city and back. A day pass for the bus was about €4-5.

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I’ve driven through it a number of times. Pretty small country that in my mind has little unique to offer. Everything it has to offer can be found elsewhere.

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I find quite a lot unique.

The steep cliffs and ravines may not be, but the elevators to go up and down them are, the casemates dug into the cliffs are, the history that goes with the casemates is, as is the location of the both the country and the city. I have never seen round fairy-tale towers with conical tops in beautiful pastel colours anywhere other than a poor copy in Disneyland. The museum in Diekirch is different to any other I have visited. The castle at Vianden may not be unique but it is quite interesting and photogenic.

There are others.

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Luxembourg as a country is certainly worth to explore, most easy with a car however public transport seems well organized. I like to add Esch-sur-Sûre and Trier is just across the border.

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I went to Luxembourg City the day before my GAS tour started a few years ago. I took the train from Trier. When I arrived in Luxembourg I went to the American Military Cemetery by bus from the train station. Yes, the walk from the last bus stop in about an hours, but it is in a very quiet area. The Cemetery is where General George S Patton is buried. The old town was nice just to walk through as well.