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Quarantine rules in Belgium if test positive for COVID?

Hi All,

We are scheduled to go on the RS Holland and Belgium tour in September, which starts in Belgium. Although the US has dropped the testing requirement to return to the US, Rick is still requiring a negative test taken with 24 hours of the start of the tour, which is not enough time to test at home before leaving the US. So, if one of us were to test positive on that test, we could not join the tour. (Yes, we can test at home before we leave to get an idea of our status and will deal with that as necessary.) So my question is, does Belgium have a mandatory quarantine time after a positive test where you have to stay in your hotel room, or are they like some other countries which have dropped the requirement and ask that you mask and be mindful of others, as in Spain?

I have tried checking several websites, but can't seem to find current information.


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Belgium isn’t at all like Spain. In Belgium you must self-isolate for at least 7 days after testing positive. After these initial 7 days you may only leave isolation if you haven’t had a fever for the past 3 days and/or if your symptoms are improving. Failure to comply with the self-isolation rules can result in a punishment or fine.
All this can be found on the website of the Belgian health authorities. See here; and scroll down to “self-isolation”

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Thanks, for the information, Dutch Traveler. I have book-marked it for future reference. All the more reason to test before leaving.