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PLF Question Train from Amsterdam to Bruges


I apologize for another COVID question, however, I am trying to fill out our PLF for our trip of Belgium/Amsterdam. We booked tickets early for Amsterdam to Bruges that are intercity, which I believe means we don't have a train number on our ticket (I will be honest its very confusing reading the ticket and seeing what the different numbers are for). If we don't have a train number to put on the PLF what would you recommend putting? Should we cancel our tickets and get one through a different company so we have a number for the PLF. I apologize for all the questions we are just trying to have everything taken care of before our trip!

I guess the other question would be how far in advance would we need to fill it out? Could we fill out our PLF while on the train from Amsterdam?

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Don't cancel the train tickets don't worry fill it out on the ap on the train. I was in a similar situation. You can update that on the ap once you know. What time and day is your train? I think the train number for the specific time it is scheduled stays same daily. Or you can sort this out easily at the station since your ticket is good on any train on that route

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Oh that actually would save us a huge headache if we don't can just do it right on the train. But after all that confusion, by Partner found the train number associated with the time of our original booking anyways.