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Places to stay in De Haan or other North Sea village?

Has anyone recently stayed in De Haan? Any recommendations for both hotel and B&B? We can also consider another North Sea town, but not interested in highly developed area. Thanks!

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Closer to the dutch border you can look for a B&B in Duinbergen and upmarket Het Zoute in Knokke, but De Haan is definitely the most charming of the three in Belgium. Best part of De Haan is between the mainroad N34 and the beach where you can find lots of B&B’s in lovely pre-war style villa’s or hotels from the Belle Époque era. I have no experience with a place, you have to rely on reviews unless somebody else can recommend one.

The peninsula of Walcheren (thinking about Domburg) just north of the Western Scheldt estuary in the Netherlands is worth to look for a place too, but maybe a bit far away if you want to visit for instance Bruges having only a weekend.

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Thanks so much for the help! Wish we had more time to check out the other village you suggested. However with younger kids we tend to have to stay in one place longer.