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Paris to Brussels, originally from 3rd country.

We are travelling from Paris to Brussels for a day trip on May 10th. We are originally coming into Paris from a third country (Canada), arriving on May 9th, then heading to Brussels the next day. I plan to have the PLF and vaccination certs ready, and am hoping entry will be straightforward.

Just curious if anyone's been on the same boat and what your experience was upon arrival to Belgium? Thanks so much!

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Well, I can’t tell you yet, but I can on Thursday, lol.

I did the Belgium PLF before I left home and have the printed out code and also have it stored as a screenshot. In previous iterations of the Belgium website it indicated it didn’t need to be done if you were in an EU country for 2 weeks ahead. I’ll have been in France for over 2 weeks but I filled the PLF out anyway. I’m also staying in Belgium for a week.

I’ll try to remember to post when I get to Ghent Thursday night!

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I frequently travel to Belgium from the Netherlands. My last trip was this week, when I trained to Paris and back via Belgium. There were no checks whatsoever. It can’t hurt to have all your paperwork in order, but don’t be surprised if no one asks for it.

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How did this day trip go? Husband and I are in Paris at the end of June and are planning at day trip to Brussels. What do we need to know? Is this a terrible idea?
We have 5 days in Paris but have been there many times and have never been to Belgium. Looking for some Mules/Frites and a tiny taste of another country.
Thank you!

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Janet, I'll just add that on the day I took the fast train to Brussels on April 28 it was delayed by 2.5 hours as were all trains arriving from and heading back North. There was something wrong with a line or similar. No real way to find out with my lack of French skills. Just wanted to add that would have seriously impacted a day trip. I'm sure it doesn't happen much but just thought I'd give you a head's up. If It had just been a day trip, even though I'd paid for the ticket, I'd have pulled the plug on the day trip.