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Paris to Bruges Questions

Hi! I am interested in taking a train from Paris to Bruges for a trip I am looking into for March.

It looks like the train station in Bruges is about a 15-20 min walk to the city center. Does anyone know if taxis are readily available at the station (I'll have luggage and don't want to walk far with it).

OR--does anyone know of a shuttle bus company that runs from Paris to Bruges?

I haven't been on this forum in a while, but it was extremely helpful planning my previous trip to the Czech Republic, so thank you all in advance!

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Long distance shuttle buses / vans don't exist in Europe ; you do have long distance buses but they also stop at bus stations. And yes, taxis are available in Bruges at the station.

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Long distance bus shuttles do exist in Europe--I took one from Prague to Czesky Krumlov. ;) Maybe that's because it was in the same country?
Thanks for the info.

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The shuttle vans around Czesky Krumlov, offered by enterprising local entrepreneurs, exist to fill a specific limitation in other train and bus service. Long-distance buses in France tend to be by Flixbus or Eurolines, but limited if there are good train connections available.

Bruges does have both taxis (expect 10-15 euros) and city buses (3 euros, several routes marked Centrum) waiting outside the train station to get you into the center. If you have Rick's Belgium guidebook, see bus stops marked on the maps and a summary of line numbers on p. 18, or find similar at

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You can take the train from Paris to Antwerp or Brussels and then change trains for Bruges.
In Bruges, city buses line up in front of the train station.
You can purchase a book of ten tickets for the bus and each one is good for a one-way trip. This is very handy when using the bus system and the tickets are also good for the city buses in Ghent.
Select the one that will get you closest to your destination which can be easily scoped out ahead of time.
The bus drivers are good at making sure you use the correct bus.
Enjoy planning and have fun!

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The buses at Bruges/Brugge station are really easy to find - right out front - and frequent. It will say Zentrum on the front sign, which means centre.

There are a few lines so if you won't be right in the centre you may need a specific bus to your destination, but the centre is small and compact and easy to walk around (watch out for the horses and tour groups running after an umbrella).

If you share where you will be we can tell you if a bus stop is nearby and how close.