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Paris to Bruge

Flying into CDG. Wish to go to Bruges for a couple of days right after landing but do not want to drive. We cannot find direct transportation so since there are 4 of us, we wondered if anyone could recommend a chauffer/driver service to take us and then bring us back to Paris. Thanks.

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They have these things in Europe called trains. They get you many places, including Bruges from CDG. There are trains that get you there with a single connection in Brussels at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 4 pm. They get you there in 3 hours, way faster than a private driver.

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We took the Thalys from Paris to Brussels; it was fast, comfortable, and affordable. Have you considered flying into Belgium, then taking the train from there to Paris?

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You van book/check trains here:

if you do book in advance be sure and leave plenty of time to clear immigration & customs. Trains will leave from the airport.

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I know about, planes, etc. Need to know about CARS!!!! Can anyone recommend a chauffer service that can take four of us from CDG to Bruges.

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You received the answers you did because this is not something most who post here would consider

You can google "car service cdg to Brugge" - there are several services available.

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THank you, Christi!!! Glad to see someone understood my question and answered nicely. I have seen numerous posts regarding car service from Heathrow to Bath or to the Cotswolds. These gave me the idea that I could post re my situation. Did not expect some of the nasty/sarcastic answers I received--surprised to say the least. Glad I have not encountered any of these folks on my RS tours!!

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Gladys, you have not received any nasty replies. You have received answers from people who are trying to help.
Hiring a car with a driver is not a normal way of travelling in Europe. France and Belgium are not third world countries where you can pay wages for people for days on end out of petty cash. Commercial drivers are limited to the number of hours they can drive, and every few hours must take statutory breaks. Having your own car with chauffeur is way above the budget of most travellers.

Plus, there are other transport systems (trains), which are faster (300 Kph versus 120 by road) and more comfortable.

Having a personal driver and car for multiple days is not normal, could you afford this in your home town? And the posters, allowing for the normal level of riposte on the internet, were trying to point this out and offer alternatives.

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I am certain that OP is not looking for a driver to be at her beck & call - she asked about a service

Just because it is something one would never consider does not make it wrong - you have no idea of OP's needs.

There are services that that provide car transport regularly from CDG to Brugge and back. Here is one:

Our Shuttle Offer is a direct service, house-to-house, at a very interesting quality/price ratio. For your touristic or business trips, we offer you :

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Well Gladys, in fairness to us, it is 100 miles from London to Bath, but it is 300 miles from Paris to Bruges. It strikes me as crowded and long for 4 guests, even in a 5-seat bloated imperialist Mercedes sedan, (which I have ordered for a Round Trip runout from various places) with all their luggage. And then you have to "pay" for the driver to return empty from 300 miles away. We we were giving what seemed like sensible advice to us.

Your third sentence begins with a false premise. Was it rude to reveal that?

Edit: Sorry, I did a quick Google Maps and it must have shown metric distance ... I've driven many times in Wallonia, and the traffic is awful. I suspect that the OP had no idea of the distance.

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Here's another:

But as above, please don't mistake for rudeness what were merely amused tongue-in-cheek responses? Few if any of us would opt to spend 3 hours crammed into a vehicle versus have a roomy seat on a train, be able to get up and stretch, use the restrooms and even eat if-and-when desired without interruptions/delays. And then there's the cost.... Our budgets/needs are all different but the vast majority would opt for the efficient, more comfortable, much less expensive option when at all possible. Suggestions to do the same were only intended to be helpful.

Anyway, it's probably unlikely to get any firsthand recommendations for a transfer journey of this length/expense.

Tim, it's closer to 300 km and not miles but that's still pretty darn far. :O)

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Yes, Gladys; we weren't trying to be rude, just offering other choices that worked for us. I have certainly learned a lot from folks on this forum who suggested things, based on their own experiences, that hadn't occurred to me.

Our intentions were good.

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It is a 2:35 - longer in heavy traffic drive from CDG to Brugge. The train is about 3 hours. Four adults in a Mercedes van would be quite comfortable. So time wise its fairly even - cost wise the train is far cheaper.