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Orange Belgium Help Needed

My daughter started her Europe summer trip in Belgium and got a prepaid card with Orange for her iPhone 7. She's on the tempo giga plan and has been recharging for 15 euro each time. In Belgium, it seemed to last a while, but since she's left, it seems like she's burning through data like crazy and we keep having to recharge.

She's been in Athens for the past few days. On Thursday at 7:27am, she received a text saying "you have used 100% of your surf allowance. Data charged at standard rate. Reload to activate a new surf allowance. You have only 200MB of free surf volume remaining. To buy additional surf volume go to the my orange app." So she recharged using the website (not the app) for 15 euro and received the following message after. "Your Tempo Giga card was successfully topped up. In addition to 15 euro call credit (valid 1 year), you get additional free bonuses (valid 31 days): 4GB and 4,000 text messages. Don't miss out".

I thought there was roaming throughout the EU and data was used up just like if she was in the home country? She hasn't had any data monitoring on, but I can't imagine she's possibly using up 4GB in 2.5 days. She says she's not doing any video. We just installed a data monitoring app, so when she has to recharge again, we'll really know how much data she used.

She can't get the Orange app to work (says something like not registered) and there's a dialing code to check usage, but she says the response is in french, so that doesn't help

Can someone help figure out what's going on here?

One additional question. She's going to Skopje, Macedonia next week I understand that is not part of the EU roaming so will she just be best getting a new SIM there from the local provider?

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