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Neighborhoods in Brussels

Good Day,

I've been asked by friends to pick one of two locations of their favorite family hostel (I'll post the links at the end if interested) for our short time in Brussels (2 days). But I don't know the neighborhoods of Brussels, and do not have a Belgium specific guidebook.

Looks like one is in City Center and the other is near the Gare de Midi (I presume the Saint-Gilles neighborhood, lonely planet had an article that helped, can't find a map with the neighborhoods).

Do you have thoughts on the neighborhoods?

Between our two families we'll have kids aged 3, 8, 11, 13 and 17. We'll likely see the Comic Strip Center and of course Grand Palace.

Thank you in advance!

City Center Meininger:
Gare de Midi Meininger:

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Neither location is great, but I'd definitely avoid the Gare du Midi location. That area is not too great at night.
The "city center" location is on the wrong side of the canal vs. the center, but it is right on the quayside so should be OK, and it is more walkable to the center than Gare du Midi.

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I stayed by Gare de Midi and do not recommend it for a family - very seedy area - though I didn't feel endangered, it wasn't pleasant.

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The "city center" one might be OK, but I wouldn't go exploring any further away from the canal in the opposite direction from the city centre.

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The address of the Gare du Midi hotel is rue Bara, the Anderlecht side of the Gare du Midi. Saint-Gilles is on the other side of the station. Both Saint-Gilles (postal code 1060) and Anderlecht (postal code 1070) are municipalities, not just neighbourhoods.

Here is a map of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels Region:

The inner pentagonal section of the orange-coloured Bruxelles-Ville is in fact the center.

I agree with the previous comments, If you have to chose between these two, take the City Center.
However, it is halfway between two canal bridges and not particularly close to a metro station. Take a look at the map on the website of the hotel, and for walking to the center, go through the area shown as Dansaert.

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I'm a student currently living in Brussels, would definitely recommend the one in the City Center. Also it's Grand-Place not the Grand Palace :) there is the Palais Royal which you can see from the outside but can't go in.