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Music in Brussels

I will be doing an overnight in Brussels in April and wondered if anyone knew of a good site for finding classical music events. The one site I found via Google search listed a Baroque orchestra playing Schumann (?) as the only opportunity for the day I was there; but I had the impression that it was not a site that listed everything. Also, I am open to going to a concert in a church, it doesn't just have to be of the concert-hall variety. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it. Thanks!

PS - Tried searching for "Brussels concerts" using the search box, the result page was simply blank. So, I don't know if there were no results found (if that was the case, it should have said that), or if there is some incompatibility with my browser and the new site, or what. It's my first time using the site since it was changed. So please forgive if this question has been asked before!

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