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Musée Meunier and Musée Horta

My wife and I will be in Brussels and I'm thinking of doing Musée Meunier and Musée Horta on the same afternoon. Is that realistic? From reviews it seems as if an hour or so at each might be enough. Are there preferred times of day in early June when either is less crowded? One review said Musée Horta only has a capacity 45. It closes later (5:30) so I'd prefer to do it last to extend our time unless we'd risk not getting in.

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I've not been to the Musee Meunier, so can't comment on its content or distance. However I have visited the Musee Horta (arrived by tram from the city centre). If you like house interiors, and Art Nouveau, it's an amazing place to see. Absolutely worth an hour, but really no more, unless you want to investigate fittings etc in detail.

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I agree the Horta Museum is very worthwhile. I haven't visited the Meunier, but from the map it looks as if you could walk the distance if you're energetic, so certainly possible in the afternoon.

From my experience I don't think the Horta Museum will be particularly crowded at any time - it seems to only attract people who are enthusiasts.

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Thanks for the feedback. My wife is more into Art Nouveau than I am, but from the pictures I've seen, I'm happy to go along. It reminds me a bit of La Pedrera in Barcelona, which we both enjoyed. That its walkable to or from Musée Meunier is a bonus.If anyone knows of any restaurants in the area please share them.

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Since your wife is interested in Art Nouveau, see if your trip coincides with one of the English language tours by ARAU. It was definitely the highlight of Brussels for me. The tours get into buildings not open to the general public, and also connect far-flung places in the city, so they're very worthwhile.

Here's their website: