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Monastic Brewery Tours

I will be traveling to Belgium and the Netherlands and am interested in touring monasteries that brew beer. Recommendations and information would be appreciated.

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Are there any just single day tours. We'll be in Bruges and would love to go to Westvletern but I'm sure my wife wouldn't want all 9 days of our trip beer-hopping. Are there local guides that will take you for a day, maybe even help with ordering the beer?

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You can't enter the premises of St. Sixtus (Westvleteren), but they run restaurant just across the road. Without a reservation, beer purchases at the drive-through window are limited to 3 bottles, and only one case even with a reservation.

Actually, now that I think about it, most, if not all of the trappist breweries are off-limits to visitors, except on certain occassions. All of them, however, operate some kind of reception center, or restaurant where you can sample their beer and food.