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Mobib basic card

I just bought a Mobib basic card that my husband and I will share.
We bought the 10 journey card. What is considered a "journey"? The kiosk operator said 10 trips in 10 hours, but I still do not understand.
Also, when stepping onto a tram, do you need to scan your card twice (entering and exiting)? Or can I just scan it once.
Another question: how will the journeys count if my husband and I scanning it for each mode of transportation?

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last year four of us shared a card.
we only scanned the card on the entry.
it worked well for us but we counted what we needed beforehand.
the bus drivers in ghent and bruges were very helpful
that is all I know

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A journey or trip is valid for 1 hour. You have to scan once entering the bus or tram. As soon as the 1 hour expires you are aloud to travel to the “latest” stop the website says. I think this means till the next stop, but ask the kiosk operator to be sure.

The Mobib card is new for me so no precise idea how to count the journeys. I still use the paper cards, but with the new card I think it works the same but with the difference you can load any type of ticket you like, so a single trip, 10-ride, dayticket etc. With a paper ticket with each trip I can change as much as I like between trams and buses within 1 hour and have to scan only stepping up for the first time. According the website with a Mobib card you have to scan also each time changing bus or tram within that hour, but that’s for collecting data about travel behaviour.

Like the other poster says you can share for instance a 10-ride papercard scanning twice for each ride, so 5 rides in total with two. Can’t see no reason why it should be different with the Mobib card, but they must be able to explain this.

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It's like the Oyster card in London, on the Metro you have to scan in and out, but on buses and trams you only scan when you get on.