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Mid November Belgium/Switzerland


I am planning a trip in mid-november to belgium/switzerland. I was wondering if someone could comment on the weather and what landscape would be like. I enjoy exploring cities and going on hikes.
Will this be doable/enjoyable during that time of year?

I greatly appreciate ANY help!


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Belgium is likely to be damp and overcast, and cool but not particularly cold. If you consider hiking, bring some water-resistant clothing. Even if it doesn't rain, from October to about May-June, the ground never dries out. Your shoes will get soaked just from walking through the grass.

At low altitudes, Switzerland will have similar weather, possibly slightly warmer. But hiking in the high Alps is not feasible during November. It's the shoulder period between the summer hiking and winter skiing seasons. Not enough snow yet for skiing, but too snowy, damp and cloudy for enjoyable hiking.

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When we were in Belgium in early September, it rained every day. It never rained all day--sometimes a sprinkle, sometimes a downpour that lasted 15 minutes. A few days it rained most of the time. Sometimes it was sunny and raining at the same time. So you should always be ready for rain.