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Luxembourg day trip

Hi everyone,

We are planning on driving over to Luxembourg and exploring Luxembourg City as a day trip from our Germany itinerary. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to do in the city? I have read older posts and everyone agrees on visiting the American military cemetery. Is there anything else? Would doing a day trip to the Ardennes be better? We are interested in a little bit of everything--history, culture, food, and the outdoors like hiking. We will be based close to Trier in Germany.


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I agree on visiting the American Cemetary. It is quite enjoyable to spend some time walking around Luxebourg City, particularly the old town. I think you will enjoy a day in Luxembourg.

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Mit auto oder mit zug?

Can you let us know your interests? For example - are the Ardennes for hiking, camping, World War Two, Charlemagne, Napoleon, or World War One interests?

The area north, east, west and south of Luxembourg is full to eyebrows with really interesting things to see.

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Visit The Bockfiels, or I think the English signs read Casemates. (I'm not clear if it's the same thing or not)

We ate at a restaurant called Mousel's. One of us had some sausages served with a delicious potato salad. I ate mussels, a huge bowl. I'm always so impressed with how many mussels you get when ordering them in Europe. (American restaurants around me anyway are a big stingy with the quantity!)

We spent an enjoyable 3 hours in Luxembourg, I recommend it.

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We spent a day in Luxembourg City in 2010 and here's what we did (without a car):

-Visited the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin
-Walked around the casemates and the fortress. From there you can walk down to the Ville Basse (Lower City), which has beautiful gardens and buildings.
-Walked around the Ville Haute (Upper City) - we saw the Palace of the Grand Dukes
-From the city center we caught a bus to the Museum of Modern Art

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We are in Lux now visiting family for 5 weeks. We have been here two previous summers. It's a great little, friendly country that is one small city, hundreds of great little towns and villages, and lots of farmland and forests. Downtown is a mixture of old buildings and large banks. The casements in the fortress walls along the river are an amazing military structure. The American and German Cemeteries near the airport are very sobering and humbling. General George Patton, a national hero in Lux, is buried there with his fallen troops.

The Ardennes are full of adventures--castles, battle sites, museums, hiking and great little hotels and restaurants. We are headed there again tomorrow to see the "Family of Man", the world's best photographic exhibit in Clervaux Castle.

Enjoy your day in Lux. The Luxembourgers love Americans because we liberated them twice from the Nazis. They still remember this even though most Americans don't!

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We loved Vianden - cute little town in a tight river valley, spectacular chateau towering over it on a hill...shhhhhhh... The area around it looked beautiful as well.