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London Rail to Brussels then Ghent

What's the latest on getting to Ghent when you travel Eurostar out of London? The books say the Eurostar ticket is good for transfer to Ghent out of Brussels but Is there more? So we get off the train in Brussels and we go to a different station? Show your tickets at a ticket booth right there? Turn them in for a new ticket? What do we need? Where do we go? How do we proceed?

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In December you asked pretty much the same question and got two pretty good answers which both provided the answer pretty comprehensively.

From your question today it seems that you didn't understand the previous answers. Without simply repeating those answers, what is it that you don't understand?

Your profile gives no hint of where you are from so it is difficult to put it into local terms for an example.

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When you book your tickets be sure to select the "any Belgian Station" option as your destination. You can catch trains to Ghent at the same station your arrive. No need to exchange tickets, you can use your chunnel train ticket for the entire journey.
You can use this site to see a schedule of trains from Gare Midi Brussels to Ghent: