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Is Ghent worth a day trip from Bruges?

What is there to see in Ghent? is it worth to make a trip for half a day to see it or should we just stay in Bruges for the two nights?

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Ghent is worth a multiday stay. However, if you are in Bruges for only two days, you won't run out of things to do right there. I'd leave Ghent for another trip.

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Yes, absolutely,, including the Mystic Lamb and very good spare ribs and fabulous views and great graffiti and the best hand made artisinal chocolate praline in Belgium and therefore the world, a neat honey store, excellent architecture, and many more things, or can't you tell I love it there....

but if you only have one day and two night sin Bruges/Brugge it would be silly.

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Daytripping by unreserved local train makes this a trivial outing. Those with lower budgets might stay in Ghent and daytrip to Bruges. Antwerp and Brussels (my least favorite) are also easily accessible. If I had time before a BRU flight, I might visit Leuven as well.

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Ghent is 30 to 45 minutes from Bruges by train.

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It depends on how much time you have in Bruges. I prefer to stay in Ghent and day-trip to Bruges.

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While both cities are stunningly beautiful, its best to day trip to Ghent. There are more attractions, and chocolate shops in Bruges so you will be spending more time there anyways.

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I find this a toss-up; some posters prefer one city over the other; I found both of them to be charming each with their own set of sights and opportunities.
I found Ghent to be more youthful and cosmopolitan, perhaps because of the University. St. Bavo's is a must and there are plenty of chocolate shops and places for beer in both cities. We stayed in Ghent and our accommodations were very reasonable and extremely satisfactory at the Carlton Hotel.
Bruges is more historical with more ambiance for the romantic.
If you are flexbile enough, I would stay in Ghent and day trip to Bruges; you can stay to see the city at night and return to Ghent; it is only a 30 minute train ride. You can always take another train back a second day.

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Bruges or Ghent is a classic dilemma, I think too it’s a toss-up or follow just your intuition which appeals most. If staying in Bruges and you go by train to other destinations like Brussels or Antwerp you always will pass Ghent and can jump off at St. Pieters station there for a few hours visit. Tram (every 5 or 10 min.) to the centre needs just some 10 minutes to Korenmarkt, right in the historic centre. You can make a seperate trip to Ghent, but to my opinion best to decide that on the spot if you think having enough time for it. Ghent is beautifully illuminated during the evening and as already said the train needs just 30 minutes from Bruges. If planned well you can go centre to centre in about an hour.

Good to know: Tram Gent Sint-Pieters to Korenmarkt: Line 1 direction Evergem or Wondelgem. Back with Line 1 too, but direction Flanders Expo.

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Yes, it’s worth visiting. The main attractions in Ghent are fairly close together, so seeing them in one day is possible. Sites like TripAdvisor or general searches will provide ideas on things to see. Just note those that are of interest to you.

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If you only have two nights/1 full day in Bruges, I'd save Ghent for another trip. It deserves a FULL day, and you can find PLENTY in Bruges to do to fill your time unless you're not interested in a lot of what it offers.

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We did a full-day bus tour that was half-Ghent, half-Bruges, and both the husband and I wished it had been full-day Bruges. Ghent was cute and the cathedral was nice, but Bruges was so romantic with the canals, the relic of the cross, the chocolate, the strolling around.

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While in Bruges, rent some bicycles (in the town center) and ride among the windmills. Stop for lunch in a tiny cafe along the way. Makes a great afternoon.

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We stayed in Ghent for a week. Bruges is an easy train ride away. For me, Bruges has too many tourists. Ghent is lovely, with canals. Don’t miss it!

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Absolutely! Ghent wins easily over Brugge on any given day for me. Dont miss it. It is just a short train ride from Brugge. It is not as touristy as Brugge but just as picturesque.

Brugge was nice after 5pm after all of the crowds have left.