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Hotel recommendations for family going to Brussels

Anyone travel recently to Brussels and liked their hotel? We are staying less than 48hrs, but only one of RS picks is available for our dates.

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All things considered, I would probably stay at the Ibis Off Grand Place. It's not going to be a real luxury hotel, but the Ibis brand is normally a dependable choice and it's in a fantastic location. It's an easy walk from the Gare Central (central train station), so a direct train hop from the airport. It's also right in the heart of the things you would want to see in Brussels...Grand Place, Galeries, St. Hubert, Musee des Instruments, art museums, etc. + many nearby restaurants. It will also be convenient to take the train for a possible day trip to another city. There are several hotels right on that same block if you prefer a different brand. Have fun!

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My question is - are there any lodging search engines you can think of where you can filter the reviews NOT by a flag on the hotel/hostel, because they often say familiy friendly CHECK just if they allow kids. But instead - is there a site where you can see just the reviews of say, single people versus families, older people versus younger, people travelling for leisure versus business? Basically something that slices/dices based on reviewer profile not hotel profile?

Basically - I don't know how to figure out which hostels are the party hostels vs quieter ones, and which are getting a low rating for being boring vs being unsafe/unsanitary.

Secondly - as an alternative, has anyone found a great source of lists, a forum or anything, for hostels for families? I've only seen brief little lists of like 6 for all of europe.

Third - I'm really confused by many of the lists of great hotels for families I'm finding in articles & travel guides. The majority of them have a max of 2 people per room! It's very different finding sleeping space for 3 or 4 people if half the prices you're looking at need to be doubled. I know people travelling on their own with one child also need to know what is a good hotel for families, but it does seem like most people are looking for at least room for parents + at least one kid?

Slight rant, I know - just would love some advice. I know the correct advice is to do your research, but that's what I'm having trouble doing - and it seems like this is a job for software to the rescue. Ideas?

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bardic, your question looks like it needs a topic of its own, probably not in the Belgium Forum on somebody else's thread but perhaps in the Tech Forum where people interested in it would find it