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Hot Air Balloons

Has anyone had the pleasure of going on/in a hot air balloon in Belgium? I believe they are based out of Brugge?
Any advise or a company you might recommend?

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I see no one has replied to this and I can't give you any first-hand experience, but I can suggest that you ask this question on TripAdvisor. They have country forums and city forums so you can get as specific as you want when asking questions. They have a lot of experts - people who live there and who've traveled there a lot - who might be able to answer your question. You probably did this already, but another suggestion is to Google hot air balloon rides in Belgium and see what you find, with regard to companies and reviews of them by customers.

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Have you gone on your trip yet and taken a balloon ride? I am interested in what you thought of it. I am going to Belgium this summer.