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Hergé Museum , near Brussels - Tintin and company

If your inner child or your children know who Tintin and Snowy are, then you owe it to them to go out to the newish museum built to honour the man and his magnificent career. He was a commercial artist of precision who started what we would call a comic strip and ended up creating colourful adventure stories long before the 'graphic novel'. The museum is a whimsical tribute to the stories and the cast of characters - the elevator is in a rocket like the one Tintin flies to the moon, there is a full size submersible, a cylinder of all the book covers in all the languages they are printed in worldwide. There is a good audioguide in the language of your choice, and a cafeteria and gift store. The products are all copyright by the family and are big business, so don't expect any cheap souvenirs, but a small model of Snowy with a dinosaur bone now lives in my son's car. If none of this makes any sense, watch for Tintin on your TV.
Access to the museum is confusing and best by car (45' ) - perhaps there will be other options this year. I was there in Fall 2017.