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Help! Amsterdam/Belgium/Paris...last minute trip

Hello, and thank you upfront for any feedback/advice. My son has a business meeting in Amsterdam on 4/24 and 4/25 and is taking our daughter-in-law and 7 month old with him from Shanghai. He has asked us to join him in Amsterdam and is interested in leaving on 4/26 for Bruges and Ghent, then to Paris on Monday, 4/29 until 5/4. So far, we have an apartment for Paris, but my husband and I need a hotel in Amsterdam when we arrive on Friday morning, then hotel with two rooms in Belgium for Sat and Sunday.., but which city in Belgium? Suggestions for city/hotel
? Also, suggestions on which airlines to use, preferably from Boston and non-stop?? I know we won't be getting bargains this late in the game, but seeing baby granddaughter, who lives in Shanghai, is priceless, so will just bite the bullet. Thank you for any advice sent my way.

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I'd start by hopping on Google Flights and finding the best fare possible into Amsterdam. Search for a "multi-city" flight (aka "open jaw") into Amsterdam out of Paris. Usually having them both on one ticket is cheapest but occasionally you can find two one way flights cheaper.

For the hotel in Amsterdam, I'd go to and use the map feature to find hotels in your price range in a decent location. Read the reviews there and cross-check them in Trip Advisor (google for the hotel name).

Bruges and Ghent are both lovely towns. Bruges is the more touristy of the two. It's probably not a mistake to stay in one or the other. but I suspect Bruges would overall be a better experience. You can use for hotels or apartments there, too.

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Check out Hotel l’Ambassade in Amsterdam’s historic Central Canal District. You are arriving at the height of tulip season so may have challenges with finding hotels. Head out to Keukenhof Gardens for an incredible riot of colors.

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Thank you for your replies. Any more suggestions/advice??

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On our last visit to Amsterdam we stayed at the B&B Barangay. It was quite comfortable, had a very nice breakfast delivered to the room each morning, and was about a 10 minute walk from Centraal Station on a quiet street. Safe travels.

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I would suspect that accommodation in Ghent would be cheaper than Bruges, but check. They are only twenty minutes apart by express train.

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consider the Hotel Carlton in Ghent.
Close to the train station and the proprietors are very helpful.
Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your granddaughter