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Good wine tasting places in Belgium?

I wanna invite my friends and go to a good wine tasting place, and have a good time. Where did you go for wine tasting? Which one did you like the most? And how much did it cost?

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Belgium is famous for it’s beer. Why not look into them?

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Agree with previous poster. Belgium is not known for its wine, but it is the BEST place for beer. The Belgians pair their food with beer like the French do with wine. Each beer comes with its own distinctive glass.

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Belgium is of course famous for it’s beers but I know produces good wines too. Drink wine very occasionally so can’t say I am an expert, so picked a few adresses of vinyards from the internet with good reviews. Some produce sparkling wines and seem well comparable with the original champagne wines. Hageland east of Leuven is the traditional wine region of Belgium. Best is to contact them beforehand.

South of Hasselt: Clos d'Opleeuw -
North of Hasselt (dutch only):
South of Leuven (dutch only):
South-west of Ieper/Ypres:
Site with overview of vinyards in the Hageland (dutch):

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Neither Belgium nor the Netherlands is known for their wine. From my limited experience a decade ago they need to stick with what they’re good at, and wine wasn’t it.