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Gent dampoort to gent saint pieters- brussel tomorrow

We are going to Brussel tmrw, do we have to go to Gent Saint-Pieters first then change to Brussel Centraal.

Where we take train/bus to gent saint-Pieters, same station where we take gent dampoort station to Antwerp, or bus goes there too.

FYI, we like Gent a lot- canel view, quiet city, ancient architecture compares to Antwerp, perhaps the latter is more touristy.


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We were in Gent last week and loved it (maybe even better than Bruges). I am assuming from your question that you are staying near the Gent Dampoort station and wish to travel to Brussels Central Station tomorrow. When I checked the Belgian Rail website schedule, it shows you must indeed take a train from Gent Dampoort to Gent Saint Peters and then get on another IC train to Brussels. Total journey should be about 55 minutes.

When you travel to Antwerp, you do not need to go to Gent Saint Peters because the train from Gent Saint Peters to Antwerp stops in Gent Dampoort and you can just get on at the Gent Dampoort stop and continue on to Antwerp.

There does not appear to be a direct train line between Gent Dampoort and Brussels Central without the connection at the other Gent Station. Have fun on your trip.

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JulH is correct. If you stay close enough to Gent-Dampoort you can indeed take the train from there and have to change in Gent-Sint-Pieters for going to Brussels, no extra ticket is needed for that. If you go to Sint-Pieters with the bus or tram you need seperate tickets, costing €3 per person. The ticket is valuable for 1 hour, you can change buses, trams as much as you like within this time slot.

SNCB – NMBS services trains in Belgium, De Lijn trams and buses in Flanders the Dutch speaking part of the country, both have their own tickets and selling points. If you have the plan using several times the bus or tram a De Lijn 10-ride card costs €16, magazine/tobacco shops sells them. STIB-MIVB is the company in Brussels servicing buses and trams with also it’s own tickets.

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Thanks for detail response.

Yes, I figure it out this morning. We decided to take train to saint-Pieters today.

Thanks again