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From Ghent, going to Lille and/or Crossing the Channel questions.

We are a family of 4 that will be in Ghent and Bruges end of March. Wondering if Lille is worth a day trip? Also very interested in going over the Channel to see Cliffs of Dover/Canterbury. Any suggestions would be helpful. I think renting a car maybe best for these two days? thanks (we are spending most of our trip on the train in Belgium and Holland)

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I went to Lille to see the art museum, which was excellent. The city's nickname is Little Paris, for the buildings. But it has some modern grit and immigrant population today. I wouldn't want to drive or park in such a busy city.

I would never boat the English Channel in March. Got Dramamine? Car prices can be high. Steering wheel is on the wrong side. Check for rental co permission to go. This is an anachronistic transit method which survives to serve (opinion) beer-seeking English weekenders. Take the train or plan another visit to the UK.

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You can get a train from Bruges to Lille rather than driving. It may be straight through or you may have to change at Kortrijk.

Note that Bruges is in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium so station destination boards may only show the Dutch name for Lille, which is the odd-looking Rijsel.

As well as what Tim says about the problems of travelling to the UK by ferry, the facilities for pedestrians without vehicles are now not very good.