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from Airport to Bruges

is there a Direct train to Bruges from Brussels Airport ? or there are many stops in between ,please kindly recommend the fastest way of getting to Bruges when I touch down at Brussels aiport

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Just a little addition to what was said. Trains leave the airport about every 20 minutes, so if you miss one there’s not much of a wait before the next one departs.

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Belgian local trains don't require reservations, and are very frequent most of the day. Whether you get a direct train or not will not be a big issue. Bruges/Brugge is not the last stop, but you can't miss it. There are reliable electronic signboards in the stations to direct you to your train. Many Brugge trains terminate at Ostend/Oostende. (For the purpose of reading the signboards. Many signs in this area are in both Dutch/Flemish and French.) You may wish to use Google Maps to determine whether you need a local bus (outside the station) to go the last mile to your hotel.

When returning, note that BRU is not a part of the downtown Brussels fare zone. You need a direct train or two fares to get there.

Some discount airlines don't use BRU, but a very inconvenient secondary airport.