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Eurostar to Brussels

Hello Everyone.

Looking for advice on taking the Eurostar from London to Brussels. Based on, the Eurostar ends the journey at Bruxelles Midi. It's been YEARS since I've been to Brussels. Is it an easy transder/trip from Bruxelles Midi to Centraal?

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Avoid Raileurope, use to find information and buy tickets.

Yes, it is easy to get to Centraal from Midi/Zuid, a few minutes by train. And no need to buy an additional ticket.

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Your Eurostar ticket is valid for one trip on any local railroad (i.e. not "subway") train to Centraal, which is five to seven times an hour during the business day, and plenty of them at other times. You have to change platforms at Midi, but there's an elevator at the end of the Eurostar platform, if you can't handle the stairs/escalator. If you have to return to London, the reverse trip has a similar privilege. DO NOT overlook Eurostar warnings to allow 90 minutes for check-in Immigration and Customs, in the DEPARTURE station each way.

Note that flying to London to visit the Continent is not always ideal:

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I just did this trip last month. Tim gives some very good advice about changing trains and especially about arriving at the station 90 min. early. There were long lines when we arrived at 11:30 a.m for our train leaving at 13:01 p.m. and you must go through several security checkpoints including two passport controls.

For buying your ticket, I agree with Badger and purchase directly, as early as you can, through the Eurostar site or better yet download the Eurostar app on your phone. When buying the ticket we followed The. Man in seat 61 advice and travel tips. I suggest you look at his very useful site.

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As others stated, it is easy.

Are you planning to stay in Brussels or are you going to Centraal with the intent of traveling onward? If you are traveling onward, Eurostar offers an option to ”Any Belgian Station”.