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Economic proof for entry to Belgium

My family and I will be spending a few days in Belgium for part of our trip. I've read that in addition to a passports, lodging reservations, insurance and plane tickets out, I'll have to show "proof of economy" or that I have the finances for our stay there. Will a credit card suffice? Thank you.

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When entering Belgium, US passport holders are required to have the following documents:

A valid US passport. The passport should have been issued within the last ten years, be valid for at least three months after leaving Belgium, and have at least two blank pages.
Proof of return ticket. A ticket that shows the entrance and departure dates.
Proof of the purpose of entry. Documents that demonstrate the reason for traveling to Belgium.
Proof of accommodation in Belgium. This can be shown through a hotel or apartment reservation or an invitation letter if staying at a friend’s or relatives’ place.
Proof of sufficient financial means. Documents showing you have enough financial means to support yourself during your stay in Belgium.
Travel insurance for Belgium. A travel medical insurance document with a minimum coverage of €30,000 (equivalent to $33,000 as of December 2023).

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If you enter the Schengen zone somewhere else and then travel to Belgium, there is virtually zero chance you would be stopped to provide the "proofs" you list.

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Yes, you may be asked any of those question on your first entry into the Schengen zone.

Realistically, all you will be asked is:
What is the purpose of your trip? Hint: you are there for vacation.

Where will you be staying? Just mention a hotel in X city, you do not need to go into detail about your itinerary.

How long will you be staying? Just either state your return date, or "about X days"

Rarely will they ask about funds or health insurance, or documentation for any of the above. Keep your answers sweet and short, if you arrive with no evidence of a return ticket, or other means of onward travel, that can prompt some questions.

It is a good idea to have an email with your hotel confirmation, your return tickets on your airline app, indicating you have credit cards is probably sufficient, but again, only as the rare backup.

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It can vary for people, but I am a U.S. citizen and flew to Brussels last month. They looked at my passport, stamped it and waved me through. They didn’t ask me anything. In all my trips to Europe I’ve never been asked to provide proof of my finances, insurance or lodging reservations. The most I’ve been asked is the purpose of my trip and how long I’m staying. I’m always honest with them and I’ve never had to verify what I tell them.