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COVID Restrictions for Short Visit to Belgium

My son and I (both vaccinated) are flying round trip to Amsterdam at the end of the year. We are considering taking the train to Antwerp and staying for three days to visit Antwerp, Brussels and Bruge. I have read the COVID restrictions and must confess I am not sure I understand them. If we stay only two days, we do not have to test/quarantine, but if we stay three days we do? If that is the case, we will only visit Belgium for two days. Am I interpreting the rule correctly? Thank you and safe travels.

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I am in the midst of trying to figure this out as well, but basically you are required to get a PCR test on arrival and "should" quarantine until you have the results. As you noted, if you are transiting in less than 48 hours, no test required. As a former Aerospace technical person working with specifications, the "should" stood out to me.

In my looking, there is no requirement to actually report or submit the test, or a checkpoint that reviews your compliance, just requirements that you are obligated to meet.

Myself, I will be arriving the same way, will have been tested (PCR and antigen) in the US before departure, tested again in Amsterdam(will only be there a day, but need it as a "green pass"), and will find a PCR test when I get to Ghent. Am also vaccinated, so with all that testing, I will be aware of any breakthrough infection.

We too will only be in Belgium a short time before meeting others in Germany, trip is just over a Month away, so things may change, hopefully for the better. I will be following the intent of the requirement, and can show evidence of testing. Given the short stay I will determine the need to isolate at that time, based on any symptoms, and of course test results.

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Gee, maybe they figure that if you’re out of the country in less than 3 days, you won’t have been there long enough to infect any Belgians, and from there on, you’re some other country’s potential problem. Coming from Amsterdam, hit Antwerp and Bruges, and save Brussels for another, less problematic time.

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I just did a 7 hour long layover on the way to Portugal. You need a PCR test 72 hours before and no quarantine is required if you stay less than 48 hours.

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All fully vaccinated travelers from green, orange and red countries (EU countries) with one of the European Medicines Agency authorized vaccines and that can show the vaccination certificate upon arrival are allowed to travel to Belgium without being tested or echatspin quarantined.