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Covid requirements in Belgium

I will be in Belgium for a few days. What do I need to have to visit museums, restaurants, etc

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I am in Belgium now, in early November they announced increased measures, which included no longer accepting the US CDC card in Bars, restaurants, museums, and any indoor venue. You must have a Belgium or other EU QR code; and they do ask everywhere.

Luckily, we did find immediately a website to obtain the needed code:

Basically you can register, upload a copy of your passport and CDC card, and they will send you a code, that you can then input in the Belgian Covidsafe App. We did it while sitting in a bar (the Proprietor said he was OK with the CDC card, but if someone came in and checked, we could be fined up to 250 euro each). We submitted the form and had a code in less than an hour.

Two pieces of advice. First, if you take a photo of your passport and card, reduce the quality of the image, the app will not accept a large file. Second, there is a question asking if your vaccine document has a watermark, answer "yes", otherwise you will not be able to submit. In this case, I believe the CDC symbol to be a watermark, that is my story, I am sticking to it.

The QR code is good for 30 days, they say it is not valid outside of Belgium, I guess we will find out when we dip into Germany, but there I believe our CDC card is still valid, or we may be able to get a German QR code at a pharmacy.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. It was a great help! Are they still planning Christmas Market? Enjoy you travel!