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COVID Pass for Belgium and Beyond

Good day all,

Like many of you we have postponed and reschedule our next European vacation many times over the past two years. We have now (for the time being anyway) settled on Belgium in late May/early June 2022. My wife and I have been fully vaccinated and we are scheduled to get the Moderna booster next week. I know the CDC vaccination card is sufficient for the airline we are using but I am wanting to inquire about the COVID pass that we will need to access restaurants, museums and other venues in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. We have the digital COVID certificate from (VaxYes) but I am not sure how widely that is accepted. I know the US Embassy in France helps to facilitate getting the Green Certificate for Americans there too but I am still unsure about the universality of that pass throughout our intended travel zone. If anyone can speak about their experiences in utilizing COVID passes for the countries on our itinerary I would be most appreciative. I have not been to Europe since January 2020. This has been the longest I've been away from Europe in 20 years so I am anxious to get back there again. God bless and good travels to you all!

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As the COVID restrictions are constantly changing, what is currently in place for today will likely be different in May and June. I suggest you start checking 2-3 months prior to your trip and then you’ll want to keep rechecking. And you’ll need to check the requirements for each country. But, for now, I would enjoy the planning and not worry about the COVID requirements. Hopefully, things will be a little easier come May.