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Fact-people are not wearing masks anymore.
Fact-More people then ever are traveling.

It’s everyone’s decision whether to travel. People have to decide how much risk to take in regards to travel and neither decision is wrong. Life in the 2020s.

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I guess it depends on the person.

I spent 8 nights in Belgium the end of April/early May and had a lovely time. I was in Netherlands for an additional 6 nights and in France 2 weeks before my Belgium nights. Locals seemed happy to be out and about and I felt very welcomed as a tourist.

Few were masked in Belgium but I continued to wear an N95 at all times except when eating. That worked for me and my level of concern over needing a negative Covid test to return to the US.

I tested negative for the return test as well as subsequent tests after returning home.

Your decisions for yourself may he different from mine.

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