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country code for cellphone to order Thalys train tickets?

I am trying to order train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels on May 7th 2016 online on the thalys web site (travel.b-europe) and they require me to list a country code for our cell phone as I complete the passenger info but all the options they have are for european phones such as 31, 32, 33, 44, etc. There is no place to list the US country code of 011. It won't let me place my order without choosing a country code. Any advice or guidance?? Thanks a lot, Beth from California

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The US code is 1 and if you're typing it for this purpose, you'd usually type +1. If they only have a pull-down menu with limited selections, then that's a different issue. I don't even see it requesting a phone number. If you have further problems (such as with credit card approval), then you should find similar prices for sale through agents like Rail Europe and Capitaine Train.

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Thanks so much for the info. Its a drop down menu with limited options and none are remotely close to the US country code. Sounds like maybe I should not buy tickets from the Thalys web site? Will try the other options that were suggested. Would be great to know where most US travelers go to purchase train tickets in advance. Thanks!

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I bought our Thalys train tickets from Paris to Bruges a couple of days ago on the Thalys website. I was not asked for a phone number, just name and email. I printed the tickets at home.

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Thanks to all for the advice. It seems that others were not asked for their cell phone when buying tickets so I went back in just now and asked for the very same train times and the price has almost doubled since last night?? Now its 92 Euros for the two of us to go from Amsterdam to Brussels, vs 58 last night. And they are still asking for my cell phone without the US country code listed on the drop down when I try to purchase. Getting a bit frustrated at this point. I did try some of the other sites and they all seem more expensive. Any additional guidance?? What is a typical price to go from Amsterdam to Brussels, and then Brussels to Paris later in the same day?? We just wanted to have a few hours to check out Brussels so are not taking a direct train from Amsterdam to Paris. Thanks!!

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I paid roughly €35 for each of the following legs:

Amsterdam-Bruges, Belgium
Bruges, Belgium-Paris

I should add that I purchased a set of 4 tickets each time all together.

2 adults - €35 each
2 children - €15 each
€100 total for each leg

These were discounted tickets. I purchased them within minutes after they became available which was about 6pm central time.

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Try entering the phone number of the hotel you are staying at in France. When booking tickets on Trenitalia the website would only take Italian phones. Someone suggested I use my Italy hotel phone number and it worked. I'm sorry I can't remember exactly what I did to purchase tickets. I know that for any given foreign website there was often some quirky little thing I had to do like us a foreign phone number or select British English as opposed to American English. Good Luck.

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Only the fields with asterisks next to them are required. Telephone number and country code do not have an asterisk, therefor are not required.

They are only for the country codes listed - those countries which the Thalys runs through - so that they can send you SMS (text) messages if you will hold your ticket on your phone.

They don't send texts to the US.

Leave it blank and move on to get the tickets....

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We just did the e-ticket option for Thalys and got on nicely.

Actually when leaving Brugge, the Ghent station completely lost power (le sigh) so we had to take a long ride out through Kortijk, ultimately leaving us late for out Thalys connection. No worries, the Thalys station person rang the next available train, and made sure they had room for us, and off we went.

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Faced the same problem and here is the answer:

Sadly, user error.

If you look at the top left side of the window there is a red bar that says method of delivery. The default is cell phone. Just change to print at home. Done.