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Converting Euros to Dollars @ BRU?

I'll be flying out of BRU in October to the US, and I'll probably have some leftover Euros that I'll need to convert to dollars.

Any suggestions where I can do the exchange? (Or would I fare better beforehand in downtown Brussels?)


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Exchanging money anywhere is always a losing proposition.

I would suggest keeping the Euros for your next trip. Or maybe a friend or relative might be headed to Europe and will be willing to buy them from you at the current Google rate. :-)

If you do have a large quantity or just really want to get rid of them, check with a bank around your hotel and see if they will exchange and at what rate. If none will do it, there should be exchange shops you can use. ,just pay close attention to the rate and fees to make sure they aren't shortchanging you too much. The Travelex (or whatever brand) of exchange booth at the airport will probably be OK as long as you don't expect a great exchange rate. Whichever route you take if you must exchange, definitely do it before leaving Europe.

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Ditto, it will cost you up to 10% to use them to purchase US $$s. Suggestion 1 - plan your spending so that you have very little left. Pay your hotel bill with them until you run out, and then pay the rest with credit card. Spend remainder on junk/food at the airport.

Suggestion 2 - as above, save them for your next trip. You are going to return to Europe, right?

Suggestion 3 - You don't say where you are in NJ,. If in South Jersey, I'll gladly exchange $$s for up to 200 Euro at that day's interbank exchange rate.

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Yes, you can exchange them at the airport. Notes only, they will not change coins. You will get a poor rate.
But, the question is why? A little planning, and paying for as much as possible by cash in the last few days, should minimise the amount you have left over. Then buy some Belgian Chocolates as presents if you still have left over cash.
Then keep the rest (and the coins) for the next trip. It will give you an incentive for the next trip, as you have these Euros waiting to be spent next time.

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As you may have noticed, a number of people try to arrange spending so they carry home €100 to €200 to avoid the first-day ATM search on the NEXT trip.

Or you can check the Travel Group Meetings section of this site to find out where your local travel addicts meet and sell them your excess Euros. (Be warned -- you'll probably start planning another trip.)

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Thanks for all of your thoughts & suggestions.

At least I now have some better options that taking a loss through the Exchange process.


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If you plan to pay your last hotel bill by credit card and know how many euro you will need to get to the airport (include snacks), you can use the rest of your euro to pay your hotel bill and pay the balance by credit card.

If you end up with a few coins after that, you will probably still be better off than exchanging euro for dollars.