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Coastal trams

Do the coastal trams leave from Brussels also? If not, is there another way tp go directly there and how long does it take? Thanks!

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I don't believe so since they only run for a certain distance along the coast. You can hook up with the coastal tram by taking the train from Brussels to somewhere along the coast where the trams run. I think the most direct would be train from Brussels to Oostende.

Check out the map on this website:

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No they don't leave from Brussels. Brussels is inland (in the centre of Belgium), and the coast tram, duh... runs along the coast.
The coast tram interconnects with rail lines from other places in Belgium at a number of towns: De Panne, Oostende, Blankenberge, Zeebrugge, De Knokke.
Click here for a map of the coast tram route. As you can see, it covers nearly the complete Belgian coast from the French to the Dutch border.

There are lost of rail maps of Belgium online, for example:

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Thanks for the info! I understand that Brussels is inland. Just wasn't sure where they originated from on their way to the coast. No need to be snarky Chris.

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I wasn't trying to be snarky, sorry if it came over that way, just to raise a smile.
"where they originated from on their way to the coast" - The coast tram doesn't "make its way to the coast". It starts and ends on the coast, and in between follows the nearly the full length of the Belgian coast.

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In terms of getting from Brussels to the coast, there is no need to buy tickets in advance as there are no discounts or reservations available on Belgian domestic train services.