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Christmas dinner (and more) in Ghent

Hi all!

We're going on our first trip to Netherlands/Belgium over Christmas this year (Staying in Amsterdam, Ghent, and Brussels), and will be in Ghent for Christmas day.

We have an option for dinner at our hotel, but are curious if there are any interesting, unusual, and/or just atmospheric places that folks might recommend.

We would also be up for getting a train to somewhere else close if the destination was right! Also, happy to receive non-Christmas dining recommendations as well :)

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Have no experience but Grand Café Het Koetshuis adjacent to the entrance of Hooidonk Castle comes to my mind as an unusual place for Christmas diner. The castle will be closed but think the gardens will be open to public, nevertheless checkout if this will be the case. The castle itself is stunningly beautiful, must be visible from the restaurant and located along the Leie river some 20km southeast of Ghent. Likely no buses that day, a taxi will be needed. Their website is only in Dutch, so contact them about the menu options to see if you like it or not: [email protected] Further and [email protected]

Just an idea.

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I can’t help you with regards to what restaurants will be open on Christmas but I will leave you with a couple of restaurant recommendations.

  1. Bado Bado. This is a cute Indonesian restaurant located in the Patershol neighborhood. Most are aware that The Netherlands is the country known for Indonesian cuisine but this place is top notch. Reservations are highly recommended.
  2. Balls & Glory. This is a more laid back restaurant well known (locally) for hearty meat (and veggie) balls often stuffed with wonderfully complex ingredients. Great salads and drinks/beer as well.