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chocolate museum?

So I know there's Chocolate Nation in Antwerp, and Choco-Story in Bruges. We'll be in Bruges for a day, Antwerp for 2. Does anyone have any experience with either (or both!) of these 2 chocolate museums? I'm debating which one to visit on our trip this fall.

Thanks! :)

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We did the Choco-Story museum in Bruges earlier this month. It's better than I expected and does a fine job telling the story and history of the chocolate-making process in a way that is interesting and interactive. It's a great place to visit if you have younger kids as it feels to me that it's geared to a younger audience (though not uninteresting from an adult perspective). Took us about 2 hours to go through it and we weren't dawdling. There's an ongoing chocolate demonstration happening at the end as well as an opportunity to eat a lot of free chocolate. We were in Bruges 2.5 days and we did this BECAUSE our kids were interested. Not sure I would've gravitated to it without our teenagers helping inform the sightseeing itinerary. Again, no regrets going but I would say if Bruges is a day trip, you'll find more rewarding experiences seeing other aspects of that city and going in and out of the chocolate shoppes than spending time here but if you have a couple days in the city and are remotely interested, I think you'll find it charming, fun, and informative.

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We were at the Bruges Chocolate Museum and found it very interesting and entertaining ….

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I second what Jesse said: if you're on a time crunch, skip the museum and do something else. My hubs and I did it because we spent about 5-6 days in Bruges, so had the time to visit this and the potato museum.