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Brussels Tram and Metro Question

We understand that the tram and metro system in Brussels allows for contactless payment. We have had a positive experience on the London Underground using contactless payment. Has anyone experienced the Brussels system and can confirm that it is available on all trams?

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Just to follow up on this :

The daily limit implies the use of the same card during the day?

And what happens if you're on a tram and a ticket inspector asks for proof of payment?

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1) Yes, if you pay contactless it's best to use the same card for all journeys, if there's a total fare cap.

2) Give the ticket inspector the bank card that you used to pay for the journey, the inspector will scan it and query the system to make sure you've paid.

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The link I posted in my previous reply, contains a very detailed description of the contactless payment system as well as a Q&A that answers all the questions raised here in this thread and many more.