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Brussels; PLF needed if just changing trains?

We will be inbound to Brussels via train from Cologne. We will just remain in the station, where we'll catch the Eurostar over to London. Based on that, does anyone know if a PLF is required?

I suspect no, as the PLF form asks for input as to where we'll be staying in Belgium. Since we're immediately jumping on another train I assume we're ok, but I'd rather have my ducks in a row, just in case. Thank you.

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We were just there yesterday, making a day trip from Paris to Bruges and back. At no point did we have any EU dPLF checked, nor passports or CDC cards. (We were in possession of all of the above.) In fact, we needed to wear masks on the Thalys train from France to Brussels, but no masks were required from that point forward. Not sure about London, but you should be fine in Belgium.