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Brussels in January?

I have time off in January, and am wondering if it would be too cold/grey/rainy to be worth going to Brussels and Bruges in that month?
I'm from the PNW, so am used to that kind of weather!
Thank you.

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January weather in Belgium is very similar to the Pacific Northwest... damp, gray and within a few degrees Celsius of freezing. It does snow sometimes, but not heavily and it usually quickly melts. Temperatures tend to be warmer closer to the coast, and colder in the east, particularly in the Ardennes.

I wouldn't expect the countryside to come alive for you at that time of year, but the cities will be fine to visit.

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Coming from the PNW, there is nothing your couldn't handle in Belgium in January - trust me, I have lived there for 25+ years of my life prior moving over to Canada :-)

If you have questions, feel tree to contact me.

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I was in Brussels in January two years ago, and it was just as the previous posters say. I was very comfortable, and I grew up in Miami!