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Brussels in December - snow boots? Waterproof shoes?

I heading to Brussels for a 5 day visit in December and am seeing that they have lots of rain and potentially snow. I need to know if I’ll need snow boots (insulated and warm and waterproof) or should I just waterproof my existing leather shoes? I’ll be walking a lot but not planning on standing in any puddles! 😊

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You don't need snow boots in Belgium just sturdy shoes. But if you are on blood thinners and tend to get cold than consider something warmer.

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Standard leather shoes with good seams should do the trick, perhaps with the help of a waterproof spray.
Out of curiosity, is your 5-day stay just for tourism? If so, it feels very long for Brussels.

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Snow in Brussels in December would be very unusual, but possible. Rick says, "Pack for the best scenario, not the worst."

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I would use shoes that are waterproof. Sprays and wax compounds are temporary at best and generally ineffective.

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To Balso. Thx for your suggestion. My friends and I will be using Brussels as a base for 5 days, spending a day in Brugge and a day in Ghent and two-three days in Brussels.

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Ditto the no to snow boots, but if you’ll be doing a lot of outdoor walking, then something waterproof might be nice to have.