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Brussels-Bruges Day trip? I am out of my mind to try to do Bruges as a day trip from Brussels? Been reading that Brussels is not such a great city. Had planned to arrive Brussels by Noon, from Amsterdam, spending two nights in Brussels. Could we see some of Brussels the afternoon and evening we arrive, then.... Could we spend the next, one full day, taking the train to Bruges, sight-see and return to Brussels the late afternoon early evening of that same day? Is that too much? OR, are we better off just staying in Brussels?..... Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks so much! Karen

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Bruges is an easy day trip by train from Brussels. Takes about an hour each way on an Intercity train.

And not everyone is enchanted with Brussels, but I think there is more than enough to see there (depending on your interests) to fill a day or even two.

It really depends on what you want to see and do.

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I would spend your two nights in Brugge. Do Brussels as a ½day on your way to or from Brugge. Also consider Gent or Antwerp for a ½ day on your way there or back.
Where Are you going next?

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What you propose is perfectly feasible. Bruges is an easy train trip from Brussels, and the center of Bruges is within walking distance of the railway station.

You won't have time to see everything there is to see in either city in just one day. However, you never do have time for everything. Look at the guidebooks and decide what interests you. Nobody else can help you with that.

Personally, I wouldn't spread myself too thin. You will waste time in transportation that you could use for more enjoyable activities. What you suggest seems reasonable. More than one stop in a single day would be too much hassle for me.

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Will throw this in - you might consider using Ghent as your base; convenient to Brussels and Bruges; Ghent has some great offerings and you may want to consider this as a stop; recommend the Hotel Carlton in Ghent.
Regarding Brussels, it just depends on what you want to see and do.
Lots of posters downplay Brussels, but it may be right for you.
You decide and go with it!

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These trains run several times per hour, no reservations needed, but there’s a line for tickets. NMBS Bus from Bruges station to the square, ticket machines outside station.

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I did Bruges as a day trip from Brussels. Took an early train to Bruges and got back to Brussels around 9:00 pm (had dinner in Bruges before hopping the train). It's a quick 1 hour train ride and very easy. Best advice I can give for a one day visit to Bruges is to do your research on the sights you want to see there and plan your day accordingly. If you want to climb the bell tower, do it early, as soon as you get there. It was worth the effort for me just for the views - and I love to climb towers for some weird reason. If you want to visit the museums be sure to verify their open hours so you can work your other 'must-dos' around those times. You can see and do a lot in Bruges in one day.