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Brussels birthday dinner ideas? Beer tours?

Hi- My husband and I will be in Belgium for 3 nights in early December for his 50th birthday. We've been to Belgium, but just Bruges, and plan to do a day trip to Ghent if there's time. I'd love some ideas of a nice place to eat for his birthday. It doesn't have to be fancy but something atmospheric with great food. He loves mussels, seafood, and steak.

On another note, we'd love to do a group beer walking tour while we're there. I know we can plaster one together ourselves but we've had fun in other cities doing something similar (in either Brussels or Ghent). Any suggestions?


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Although it's also done for team-building business entertainment, there are chocolate-crafting evenings. Have you looked for any Michelin stars in Belgium?

Pandemic and time-passed warnings, but we enjoyed a (French beef) steakhouse in Turnhout called Bistro het Meulderke. And an expense account place, Savoury. There was a high-end restaurant in Antwerp, on a real medieval courtyard, with a name like Sir Anthony Van Dyke. The lavish Sunday Brunches at the Antwerp Hilton are popular. Mussels are pretty reliable in Belgium. Haven't been in ten years. There was a touristy Belgian place in a medieval cellar in Antwerp, with trestle tables, and other cellar restaurants like Roji Sushi. I'm sure it has turned over, but the Caribbean Inn was located in a neat deconsecrated chapel called St. Anna Godhuis.

The reopening of the KMSKA museum in Antwerp may have stimulated new restaurants in an attractive, historic neighborhood? Also the two previous museum openings, Red Star Line and MAS.

Edit: It has to be the case that the European Parliament supports an infrastructure of expense-account restaurants in Brussels. But I don't like the city enough to go there much. And it has to be noted that the picturesque Rue des Bouchers has a long reputation for dishonest pricing and unwanted supplements. I have only eaten on Bouchers once (20 years ago), and although I was seated by a tout, I was not cheated. Perhaps it's because he learned that I could speak French.

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Have to say it's too long ago I visited Ghent in the weekend for having dinner. Some places don't excist anymore or have new owners so hard to recommend one. Nevertheless I know Ghent has a lot of atmospheric restaurants and I would prefer it above Bruges. Both beautifully iluminated in the evening, but Ghent is more vibrant. Brussels has them too, even not directly an attractive place it certainly has nice restaurants and pubs to offer.

Pakhuis in Ghent is a bit spacious inside but has a good atmosphere. The competition is so intense that many restaurants has something special to offer to attract clients, so worth looking further. You can consult the TI in Ghent for instance and hopefully they can suggest a place you are looking for.
Very special is 't Velootje (if it is still open) for it's interior and excentric keeper, who has the reputation of overcharging, neverhteless at least worth a look. Dulle Griet famous for it's extensive selection of beers.

Cantillon is a traditional family run brewery in Brussels and famous for it's Geuze beer. At walking distance from Brussels Midi/South railway station.
BeerWalk offers guided tours in several Belgian cities, the video is presented by Belgian celebrity Ben Roelant, so think it's ok.