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Brussels airport

Arriving in Brussels, then plan to take train to Ghent. However, would like to leave luggage in a locker at airport and have lunch in Brussels if airport is close to city centre. Is this possible? Thanking you in advance for your replies.

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There are direct trains from the airport to Ghent at 3 and 25 past the hour. The ones at 3 past are express, only stopping at the 3 Brussels stations and takes 54 minutes. The ones at 25 past are locals that make many stops and take 1 hour and 23 minutes.

If you want to stop in Brussels for lunch (why?), store luggage at Brussels station as previous poster suggests. There is a special airport fee charged for trains to and from. If you go back to the airport to pick up luggage, you'll pay that fee 3 times.

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I think you got only partially correct info from the previous replies. I did something similar to what you want to do last year.

The train from Brussels airport to Ghent stops in Brussels at both Brussels Central (Bruxelles-Central) and Brussels South (Bruxelles-Midi). Brussels Central is the station closest to the Grand Place, the main area of interest to tourists. There are many restaurants in that area.

You can leave luggage in lockers at the Brussels Central station.

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Do not leave luggage at the airport, it's not close to Grand Place. A daytrip to Antwerp or Brussels is easy by train from Gent or even from Brugge. Many trains per hour. No reservations, no luggage racks. Brussels is inferior to other named cities. ( Opinion!)

All trains to Brussels from Gent stop at all three downtown Brussels stations.(Not the airport.)

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Thank you so much! I'll definitely take the suggestion to go to Brussels Central station and use lockers there.

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The train from the airport to Brussels central station takes 20 minutes if running on time. (Yesterday going back to the airport the train was 23 minutes behind schedule. Fortunately, we allowed ourselves plenty of time.) From the train station, the Grand Place is a five minute walk. After lunch, go back to the train station, get your bags, and get the train to Ghent. No reason to go back to the airport to get to Ghent.