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Brussels Air

Has anyone flown Brussels Air? If yes, was it a good experience. Is it cost comparable to other U.S. airlines?

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We flew from Brussels to Prague several years ago. It was a great flight and they were very efficient.

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I flew Brussels Air within Europe a few years ago. As I recall, the price was reasonable. Flight was ok. It was a small plane with small overhead compartments.

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Are you talking about an international or domestic flight. I flew them from DC to Brussels two months ago. First time. Wasn't a huge fan because the seat backs were a bit too firm and very upright. The position of the head rest on the seat interfered with my neck pillow and made the journey a bit uncomfortable. Other than that, it was a no frills economy flight over the Atlantic. I wouldn't want to fly with them again immediately. Staff was nice.

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I also flew from DC to Brussels, in September. It was fine, at least as air travel goes these days. No better or worse. Maybe the food was slightly better.

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We have flown Brussels Air and had no difficulties, other than on one trip back from Brussels where our flight was delayed for five hours because of mechanical problems. But that can happen with any airline. Incidentally, we live in the DC area, and you will find that Brussels Airlines and United Airlines both have numbers for the same flights out of Dulles--just depends on which airline you use for your booking.