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Brugge to Amsterdam via Train - Can I make my flight

We are planning several days in Brugge, then plan to take the train back to Amsterdam Schipol for a 12:40pm flight. Upon checking train schedules, it appears that we could take a 4:57am train and arrive at Schipol at 8:22am. Is that too risky?

We have considered flying out of Brussels (although more expensive) which would only be an hour away, or traveling to Amsterdam the night before our flight.

Has anyone traveled Brugge to Schipol to make a noon-ish flight? Thank you!

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Even if there were a single train to make this trip, I wouldn't recommend it. Are you flying coach? The boilerplate rule of three-hours is barely enough time to face the check-in lines, possible rail delays aside. The penalty for missing your flight is just too high.

Edit: Adding to campbelldp below, I had a high-class Eurostar back from London to Antwerp (change in Brussels.) Because there was a fatal accident on the track in northern France (I hadn't even thought about the Eurostar stop in Lille ... ), my train was delayed about 8 hours. I think SNCB held the last train (Brussels Midi) to Antwerp and beyond, because they knew about the problem. I barely got home that night, after midnight.

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Too risky. A simple disturbance on the line or a technical problem with the train, and you miss your flight.
My rule is to be within taxi distance of the departure airport to be safe in case of a problem with the public transport. Apart from Amsterdam you can stay in Haarlem (30 mins with a direct bus connection) or Leiden (20 mins with a direct train connection).

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Did the same last year.
Came from Brugge to Schipohl for a noonish flight.
We returned from Brugge the night before and spent the night at the Sheraton at Schipohl.
Worked out well. because we slept in and walked over to the airport around 9.
Took about 21/2 hours to be processed through security, etc.
I mention this because while our trains ran like clockwork on the front end, our return from Antwerp on Thalys) to Schipohl was delayed about an hour due to a train strike in Paris.
Not worth the risk

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I'd head back the night before and spend the night near the airport. Never worth the risk IMO

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This fall we took the train from Amsterdam to Brussels (a different route than yours but on the same train system) and midway the train simply stopped working (mechanical problem) and we were delayed 1.5 hours, no problem for us but could have been if we were trying to get to an airport as you are. These things happen even in the Netherlands/Belgium train systems.

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Definitely head back toward Amsterdam the day before. If you want more time in Bruges, take an afternoon train and stay at an airport hotel at Schiphol. If you want to take a quick tour of Amsterdam, take an earlier train, stay in Amsterdam proper, and enjoy. 12:40p is not an early flight if you are actually in Amsterdam, so no real need to stay at an airport hotel.

Or stop off the train in a Dutch town like Delft (loved it!) for the final night. You should be able to get direct train service from Delft to Schiphol in the morning without getting up at Crazy am and still arrive in time.