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Bruges and Flanders Field

I know this is going to be a hard one. I only have one day and I want to see both Bruges and Flanders Field. Is it possible to do 1/2 and 1/2? And how to do it? A private guide? Or if not, I would put Bruges first and spend the whole day there. Any thoughts? I am actually on a river cruise and docked there for the day. No car.

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If it were me, and I could only visit one then I'd put Ieper/Ypres first and Brugge a distant second. As you suspect, I don't see how you can do both without rather short-changing them both. I suppose, if you've got a car and were willing to make a long day of it, you could quickly see Brugge in the morning then drive to the salient to tour a little of that area and end in Ieper for the Menin Gate ceremony. But it would be rushed - and, also, where do you begin and end, I'm assuming from a third town?

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Are you starting from a hotel in Bruges, or starting in another city? Do you plan to have a car? What time of the year? What is your next stop? Will you have your luggage with you? How many of the churches and museums in Bruges are on your list?

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When my wife and I did the Quasimodo Flanders Field tour, it was a full day (0800-1700). Without a car, I don’t see how you could do both, and with a car, you’d be rushing both.