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best brussels train station for day trip

On Mon Jun 17, I am planning to go from Ghent, to Brussels (for a daytrip), then to Amsterdam that evening.
It looks like Central station would be the best for the daytime walking travel around Brussels.
But I am thinking of taking the Eurostar back to Amsterdam about 5-6pm to save an hour.
If I go to Central (and check luggage) will my trip to Amsterdam just take me via Midi (south)? (It looks that way to me if I take Eurostar)
Should I just go Ghent-Midi? I dont want to cart my luggage for 6 hours walking through Brussels.
Also, do I need to buy these tickets in advance? Or can I make a decision that day?

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The only ticket you need to buy in advance is the Eurostar. Those will sell out and are more expensive the longer you wait.
I'd just go from Ghent to Brussels Central and lock the bag up at Brussels Central.
The ticket from Ghent to Brussels Central should say Brussels Zone on it meaning it is good to any station in Brussels.
I recently took a train from Amsterdam to Ghent and then Rotterdam to Ghent and in both instances the ticket said to: Ghent Zone as the destination (since Ghent has two train stations).
It is not certain that your Eurostar ticket is good from Brussel Central to Amsterdam though:

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All international tickets to and from Brussels definitely either stop at all three stations (most of the conventional trains, not Eurostar), or in the case of the Eurostar, are good for one journey (on local trains, about five per hour) to Brussel-Nord or Brussel-Centraal. So transportation is not your problem, only the luggage. I don't know if you can check your luggage in for the train, many hours before your train departs. But you certainly can pay extra to check your luggage for eight hours, at a left-luggage counter or locker, if available. Is a left-luggage counter listed for Brussel-Zuid/Midi? If so, that will take care of your problem. (I have not used such a counter, so I don't want to answer.)

I'm not sure how Ghent comes into the picture for a Eurostar trip. Did you mean "go back to my hotel for my luggage?" As noted, discounted Eurostar tickets can be hard to change without a fee, although the highest priced tickets include change privileges.

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i am leaving Ghent in the morning. travelling to Brussels for the day to walk around and sightsee. then leaving there late afternoon to go to amsterdam to fly home the following day.
i think going to Central and checking my bags in left luggage makes the most sense if im NOT taking Eurostar
But looking at their schedules, if you want to take Eurostar, you leave from Midi - train takes a different path.
So, I need to decide if I want to spend the extra $100/person to save an hour....
Do 2nd class seats also rise in price as you near departure date?